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2017-10-16 10:14:25 yiwu tian hong plastic co.,ltd read

the beautiful package can't be missed is the bow tie. by changing the position of the bow, you can see completely different effects. by changing the size and material of the bow knot, you can experience different moods. on the package, you can attach cards and match gadgets to convey your feelings.

1., 1.5 meters long ribbon around the diameter of 10cm big circle, repeat 5-6 times

2. hold the central part

3. press the middle of the finger with your fingers. as shown, use scissors to trim the angle

4. cut the parts together and align them in the middle

5. chinese and foreign ready for a 10 cm long ribbon tied to the central part

6. from the inside to the outside, the ribbon pulled out from the inside, left and right alternately, all the top of the ribbon are turned out

7. pull the ribbon down in the same way, and finish the beginning of a spherical bow

8. decorate the gift box with a good bow tie

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