Episode 63: BlizzCon Changed My Life, Redux


Rob Copeland, co-host of The Training Dummies podcast, attended his first-ever BlizzCon this year. Rob shares this was a life-changing event as he developed a strategy to be in the moment and enjoy the benefits of his immediate relationships and circumstances, while dumping negative beliefs and preconceptions. It was a unique opportunity to see how we can let a positive mindset influence both our gamer life and our day to day life.

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Episode 59: Artemishowl: Focus Groups and Overwatch


Artemishowl of the Warcraft Hunters Union shares her big plans for this year’s BlizzCon. She’s especially busy with Con Before the Storm, where she will be joining the panel on Bar Stools and Breweries and hanging out with The Hunting Party Podcast crew in the Tap Room. Friday, you can find her in the Hilton lobby with an all-hunter meet-up. And you really can’t miss her–she’s rocking a brilliant fel green hair color this year! See her Twitter page @Artemishowl to verify the brightness and greenness of it all! Also check her mixology Twitter feed @Ethermead.

Episode 57: BlizzNerds


Now in just their third year, Kitra and Kristi have established BlizzNerds and its associated Facebook pages as the place to go if you’re looking for a BlizzCon related event. They and their associates have quite an array of activities from beach bonfires to a Disney cosplay trip to a beer swap. They also sold out a 250 seat dinner celebration on Thursday evening. Busy and productive to say the least. Catch them at www.BlizzNerds.com,  on Twitter @BlizzNerdsFTW, and https://www.facebook.com/groups/BlizzNerds2015/.

Episode 56: Worgen’s Howling for BlizzCon


Frosty and Kazul are a married couple who enjoy WoW together and offer the Worgen’s Howl podcast. It’s a show that focuses on the positive contributions of community members and encourages cooperate player interaction. In this episode we learn how @BlizzCon cosplayers stay hydrated and how costumes get transported from Alabama to California. Hint: roadtrip! Follow them on twitter @kazul_G_Fox @FrosteeFox and @Worgenhowl. Check out the cosplay at https://vine.co/u/1039258052626374656 .

Episode 55: Moogyver Engineers BlizzCon


Moogyver spent 12 hours flying up from Australia for his first BlizzCon in 2014 and he can’t wait to come back. He won’t be able to make it this year, but he’s glad to express his joy over his good times last year. Moo shared that while we were interviewing he was waving his arms around with excitement! International travel trips included.  Follow him on Twitter via @Moogyver and enjoy his contributions to the @ChaosPortalShow podcast.