Episode 74 Salmacis the Shaman from The Converted Converts to Ticketless BlizzCon

Salmacis the Shaman is the keystone of The Converted Podcast and one of the organizers of the Convert to Raid BlizzCon party the past 4 years. With planning underway for the year five party, Sal has made the bold decision to forego the ‘con and just enjoy the BlizzCon buzz without bothering to get a ticket. Sal shares her reasons and her plans. She’s on Twitter @Summer_Sal.

Episode 72: Cosplay with Draynee


Draynee is a veteran of multiple BlizzCon cosplay competitions and was even invited to the Warcraft movie premier to appear in costume beside the “black carpet.” Draynee shares design and construction tips and then we talk tips for cosplay observers. She suggests how to make your interactions with our cosplay co-nerds a mutually enjoyable experience. Follow her on Twitter @FlyDraenei and https://www.facebook.com/DrayneeCos where she posts construction progress photos.

Episode 70: Rob’s Life is Still Changed


When last heard from in December 2015 (episode 63) Rob Copeland from the Training Dummies shared that “BlizzCon changed my life.” Catch up with Rob and see how the BlizzCon magic is still in full effect.

Follow @RobCopeland and his co-host @Hend_TTD. Enjoy their show at http://www.thetrainingdummies.com/