Episode 70: Rob’s Life is Still Changed


When last heard from in December 2015 (episode 63) Rob Copeland from the Training Dummies shared that “BlizzCon changed my life.” Catch up with Rob and see how the BlizzCon magic is still in full effect.

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Episode 68: Nevar’s Not Impossible


Nevar returns to recall favorite memories from BlizzCon 2015 and speculate regarding BlizzCon 2016. He also updates with his move from northern Cali to Minnesota…done in the name of love and high speed Internet. Nevar has also hit the Twitch life and shares his recent TwitchCon adventures. Find him on Twitter, Twitch and Facebook by searching NevarImpossible.

Episode 66: The BlizzCon Beer Swap


Had a chance to meet with Heath Miller and Matthew Conrad of the BlizzCon Beer Swap. Heading into its 4th year, this is a welcoming and fun-loving group that’s always looking for a chance to talk and drink beer.  Novice or expert, you’ll be glad you came and raised a brew with them. We recorded this interview live at a craft beer bar in La Habra..a few miles north of the convention center.

They’re based on Facebook and you can join with them at:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/BlizzConBeerSwap/

Episode 64: Dairies, a Man with a Certain Set of Skills


Dairies (@BoredMind) is a co-host of the Convert to Raid podcast, a seasoned top level WoW raider, and a creative manager of databases, computer software and hardware systems. Most relevant to BlizzCon fans, he has extensive experience working with the large impromptu networks created for computer gaming conventions and competitions.

Episode 63: BlizzCon Changed My Life, Redux


Rob Copeland, co-host of The Training Dummies podcast, attended his first-ever BlizzCon this year. Rob shares this was a life-changing event as he developed a strategy to be in the moment and enjoy the benefits of his immediate relationships and circumstances, while dumping negative beliefs and preconceptions. It was a unique opportunity to see how we can let a positive mindset influence both our gamer life and our day to day life.

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