Episode 35: Hydra Parties in the Twisted Nether


Hydra, co-host of the Twisted Nether Blogcast, shares the juicy details of the show’s annual Friday night BlizzCon party. She also shares her adventures at Blizzard HQ earlier in the week. Hydra rubbed elbows with Samwise, Blizzard artist extraordinaire and an unexpected Blizzard personage. Listen and enjoy.

Party details at http://www.twistednether.net/blizzcon2014/

Episode 32 Artemishowl Hunts Down BlizzCon


Artemishowl is an energetic beast of a hunter herself. Within the past few months, she’s taken on being a raid member with Blood Legion, cofounded #Teamhunter to raid current content with hunters only, became the new administrator of WarcraftHuntersUnion.com, and joined the cast of The Hunting Party podcast.

On top of that, she’s working with the rest of the crew of the WHU and The Hunting Party to produce a meetup for hunters on Saturday after the close of BlizzCon. Lots of goodies are promised!

Follow her on Twitter @Artemishowl.com

Episode 31: Ceraphus of World of Podcasts


The World of Podcasts has rapidly grown over the past two years from a small idea to a big production. Ceraphus shares how the organizers are adapting and preparing an even bigger event this year on the Thursday evening before BlizzCon kicks off. We also take a look at the various panelists who will be presenting and the special additional events, like the Hearthstone training and practice tables.

Get more information on Twitter @WorldofPodcasts.

Episode 30: Silver Letomi Goes Platinum

Silver Letomi

Silver Letomi is best known as a popular YouTube parody artist focusing on Blizzard games.  But at BlizzCon 2014 she’s breaking out of the studio and appearing at the Wowhead-WoW Insider party. Her appearance makes this kick off event an even more “don’t miss” good time! She shares from her own inaugural BlizzCon trip of last year and as a bonus offers some recording tips for aspiring parody artists.

Find her YouTube performances at https://www.youtube.com/user/SilverLetomi. You can also visit her on FaceBook at https://www.facebook.com/DKLetomi and follow on Twitter @SilverLeto.

Follow this show @BlizzConCD. Visit at WWW.BlizzConCountdown.com.

Episode 29: Leviathan Hearthstones into Westmarch


Leviathan is a co-host of BlizzPro’s successful Diablo podcast, The Westmarch Workshop, and is the site manager of BlizzPro’s Hearthstone section. He offers some thoughts on developing a community presence and as a Blizzard fan he offers some opinions on focusing one’s game efforts. He also shares how geeked-out he is about attending his first ever BlzzCon!

Find Leviathan on Twitter @SAStewart111

Episode 28: Ghemit the Hunter, the Former Shy Guy


Those who follow Ghemit the Hunter on Twitter will be surprised to discover that he was not always the socially bold and outgoing person we know him to be today. Listen as Ghemit shares how he overcame his shyness and transformed into an outspoken voice in our community.  Ghemit offers, “One day I discovered Twitter and all my shy went right out the door.” Also get the latest on the hairdo he’ll be rockin’ at BlizzCon 2014 and a bundle of pro party tips.

Follow him on Twitter via @GhemitHunts. Catch his podcast at http://letswowpodcast.com/ and read his blog at http://ghemithunts.com/.