Episode16 Ruby Guild Ladies and the Red Lion


Whilst walking around the Anaheim Convention Center this afternoon (11-5-13), I chatted with Stephanie and Johanne. They are from Wisconsin and Quebec respectively and are proud healers from the Ruby Guild of Khadgar-US. They share their glee and Blizzard fan attitudes!


Also Duratok shares the results of our Sunday evening visit to the Red Lion Hotel, site of the inaugural World of Podcasts shindig.

Ep15: Demonic Rick-Flying Blind to BlizzCon

Rick w Tom Green

Rick has been legally blind for the past 3 years but he’s kicking comedy butt and taking no souvenirs. Rick won a gig to open for Tom Green (above).  He’s also got green fire on DemonicRick with Convert to Raid on Aerie Peak. He’s heading to BlizzCon on his first unaccompanied airflight since his vision loss. If you’re attending BlizzCon, look for the handsome lanky Canadian rockin’ the white cane!

Anonymous Tangerine Bar Informant


While doing background research at the Tangerine Bar of the Anabella Hotel, site of the WoW Insider/WoWHead/Gamebreaker gathering, I ran into Mr. Informant. He’s worked at each of the BlizzCon’s and agreed to speak with me under conditions of anonymity, though I did ply him with an Anaheim Brewery Oktoberfest for good measure. Unfortunately our tinfoil hats failed to protect against my operator error and I missed recording our interview. Mr. Informant, please contact me via Twitter @Hawgeye_CTR.

Ticketless BlizzCon: Devlynne from CtR


Dev (@DevlynneCtR) has become a WoW fanatic over the past couple of years. She’s so committed to the game and the community that she made hotel reservations even after discovering that she couldn’t get BlizzCon tickets. At the time of the podcast recording, the best Dev could hope for was the use of Duratok’s ticket for a day on which he was not attending. Subsequent to recording, she was able to score full day tickets for her and her sister. Woot!!!

Episode 12 Reliq and a London Virtual BlizzCon Party


Reliq shares information regarding a London BlizzCon viewing party. This party will take place in a bar on the Thames and is even sanctioned by Blizzard. Listen to how a gathering of a few friends has grown into a shindig with prizes and sponsorship!

Follow our guest at https://twitter.com/ReliqEU, read his WoW blog at  reliq.eu , and listen to his beer ramblings at http://www.beeroclockshow.co.uk!

Episode 10 Hey! It’s Xia from The Sundering


Xia is a cohost of the long-running podcast, The Sundering. This year The Sundering crew has partnered with podcasters from The Epic Podcast and Holy Shatt to produce a brand new addition to the BlizzCon Mardi Gras! These good folk bring us World of Podcasts…a gathering of some of the sharpest and most entertaining  wits ever gathered within earshot of a cash bar! This event is scheduled for Thursday evening at 8pm at the Red Lion Hotel and will be a must-go. Follow her at https://twitter.com/Itsxia.

Episode 9 Ross, the Feckless Leader, Offers Hard-won BlizzCon Advice

Ross profile

Ross is the author of http://fecklessleader.blogspot.com/. He recently wrote a post with several suggestions for having a great BlizzCon 2013. You can also find him as @elepheagle on Twitter. You can also check an even more recent blog post in which he describes the horror of losing his ID on the day prior to BlizzCon 2011. The article is titled,  “About the time I almost didn’t attend Blizzcon ’11.” It’s a great read!

Episode 8 Hasteur of The Group Quest and the Fel-tron Dishes BlizzCon Strats


Hasteur is a veteran of the 2011 BlizzCon and has developed a repertoire of strategies for negotiating the 2 1/2 day excitement that is BlizzCon. He offers opinions from where to eat to how much to drink. Be sure to catch his special idea for avoiding the “con crud.” Follow him at https://twitter.com/Hasteur or at http://fel-tron.com/. The Group Quest is available on iTunes and Stitcher.