Episode 43: Dalaran Academy Schools Cosplay at Blizzcon


Serephita and Inquisitor Aura are the wonderfully entertaining and insightful co-hosts of the Dalaran Academy. We talk some WoW, but their cosplay expertise sets them apart from the rest of us nerds. Listen and discover why we should all be on the lookout for a goblin receiving a face hug from Jaina at the Con Before the Storm! Follow their show via @DalaranAcademy and the hosts @Serphita and @InquisitorAura.

Ep42 Plixalis Goes PvP on BlizzCon


Plixalis has been playing video games since learning the ropes from his grandfather, while they played Prisoner of Zelda together. For the past 10 years he’s been an avid WoW player who loves and excels at pvp. This year will mark his first year attending BlizzCon, and he’s fully amp’d for the experience. Catch his video stream at twitch.tv/Plixalis or follow via Twitter @WorldOfPVPcraft.

Episode 41: Alisaunder, the Empress of Chatville

Alisaunder   Alisaunder’s  “main alts.”

Alisaunder is a confirmed altoholic,  serial chatroom wrangler/participant and committed podcast emailer. Her prime gig is managing the chatroom on the successful Hunting Party Podcast, but you’ll see her hanging out in tons of chatrooms. We talk about a wide range of topics, including lore, 6.2, 7.0, and BlizzCon predictions. Follow Alisaunder for her opinions and observations @Daisemiin and watch her in action with @HuntingPartyPod.

Ep40 Turarts and the Well Played Party!


Turarts from The Converted podcast is the lead event planner for the Convert to Raid guild on Aerie Peak. She and the rest of the Well Played Party crew from the guild are preparing a massive party for all comers at this year’s BlizzCon. Listen to how you can help and enjoy a great time, whether you attend the ‘Con or view the live stream!

Ep39: BlizzCon 2015 Announced


Blizzard Entertainment announced 3/12/15 early details of BlizzCon 2015. Twitter’s already abuzz with folks making plans to 11/6-7/15 in Anaheim. Today’s episode is a snapshot of what we know so far. Further ticket info is available at this Blizzard web page: http://us.battle.net/blizzcon/en/event-info/tickets/ticket-overview .

BlizzCon Countdown 2015 Prediction Contest

Blizzcon banners

The BlizzCon juices are beginning to flow and we’re running a BlizzCon announcement World of Warcraft mount giveaway contest to celebrate the anticipated beginning of our podcast year.

Contestants are asked to send an email to:   Show@BlizzConCountdown.com

Your email must include answers to each of the 4 steps of questions:

Step 1. Will there be a BlizzCon this year?

Step 2. What will be the opening day of BlizzCon?

Step 3. Will the cost of the general admission ticket increase this year?

Step 4. On what date will tickets go on sale?

Steps defined by dates will be resolved by the number of days that separate the guess from the actual date. If after Step 4 there are still contestants tied, a random number generator will be used to resolve the tie.

Contest will be deemed closed 72 hours prior to the official Blizzard  announcement of this year’s BlizzCon plans.

Any mount on the Blizzard store will be available, up to a maximum of $30. Alternately, the winner may choose to receive the equivalent in Blizzard store pets. Prize can only be awarded to U.S. Realm accounts,

Have fun!

Hawgeye and Duratok

Episode 35: Hydra Parties in the Twisted Nether


Hydra, co-host of the Twisted Nether Blogcast, shares the juicy details of the show’s annual Friday night BlizzCon party. She also shares her adventures at Blizzard HQ earlier in the week. Hydra rubbed elbows with Samwise, Blizzard artist extraordinaire and an unexpected Blizzard personage. Listen and enjoy.

Party details at http://www.twistednether.net/blizzcon2014/

Episode34: KittenoftheStorm and Symbiote Gaming Storm BlizzCon


Though Heroes of the Storm is still in alpha, a highly competitive e-sports scene is already developing. KittenoftheStorm, aka Katia, has stepped up to manage Symbiote Gaming to take on and beat all comers. Katia expresses her love of the game and her excitement for HoTS news to come from BlizzCon 2014.

Episode 33: Olivia Graces the Party


Olivia Grace from Wowhead took a few minutes out her busy pre-BlizzCon schedule to chat poolside at the Anabella Hotel, the site of the awesome Wowhead-WoW Insider party. This year’s party will offer additional activities, a larger venue, boatloads of swag and Silver Letomi performing live.

Catch up with Olivia on Twitter @OliviadGrace and at the www.Wowhead.com.