Episode 48: Pasha Bears down for BlizzCon


Pasha describes herself as a “retired bear tank” but it sounds like she’ll be coming out of retirement before too long. She shares her love for pop culture conventions from gaming to anime and has an insider’s view into the process of event planning. For example while in Alaska she helped plan events for international corporations. Pasha’s now home in the Northeast planning her next adventure in social media. Follow her on Twitter @_MsSixx and Twitch as Twitch.tv/mssixx .

Episode 47: A Stone Cold Iron Man


Stone took up the torch in maintaining the Iron Man with his new website WWW.WoWChallenges.com and @wowchallenges. And in a few days he’s doubling down with a monthly podcast with @LeetaWoW about the Iron Man, Pacifist and Blood Thirsty modes of leveling. Stone also shares his eagerness to attend his first ever BlizzCon and expresses gratitude for finding a place to stay at the Hilton…so he won’t have far to walk even if he does over imbibe. Wheee!

Episode 45: Preparing for an Epically Insane BlizzCon


Epic Insanity of the Frozen Nerdz podcast speaks of his famous beard, while I ask whether or not he and Mick Montgomery are the same person. Lots of fun, Legion chat and BlizzCon party stuff to boot! Follow him on Twitter @Epic_Insanity and catch his podcast with co-host Kilroy at http://frozenerdz.com/ .

Episode 43: Dalaran Academy Schools Cosplay at Blizzcon


Serephita and Inquisitor Aura are the wonderfully entertaining and insightful co-hosts of the Dalaran Academy. We talk some WoW, but their cosplay expertise sets them apart from the rest of us nerds. Listen and discover why we should all be on the lookout for a goblin receiving a face hug from Jaina at the Con Before the Storm! Follow their show via @DalaranAcademy and the hosts @Serphita and @InquisitorAura.

Ep42 Plixalis Goes PvP on BlizzCon


Plixalis has been playing video games since learning the ropes from his grandfather, while they played Prisoner of Zelda together. For the past 10 years he’s been an avid WoW player who loves and excels at pvp. This year will mark his first year attending BlizzCon, and he’s fully amp’d for the experience. Catch his video stream at twitch.tv/Plixalis or follow via Twitter @WorldOfPVPcraft.

Episode 41: Alisaunder, the Empress of Chatville

Alisaunder   Alisaunder’s  “main alts.”

Alisaunder is a confirmed altoholic,  serial chatroom wrangler/participant and committed podcast emailer. Her prime gig is managing the chatroom on the successful Hunting Party Podcast, but you’ll see her hanging out in tons of chatrooms. We talk about a wide range of topics, including lore, 6.2, 7.0, and BlizzCon predictions. Follow Alisaunder for her opinions and observations @Daisemiin and watch her in action with @HuntingPartyPod.

Ep40 Turarts and the Well Played Party!


Turarts from The Converted podcast is the lead event planner for the Convert to Raid guild on Aerie Peak. She and the rest of the Well Played Party crew from the guild are preparing a massive party for all comers at this year’s BlizzCon. Listen to how you can help and enjoy a great time, whether you attend the ‘Con or view the live stream!

Ep39: BlizzCon 2015 Announced


Blizzard Entertainment announced 3/12/15 early details of BlizzCon 2015. Twitter’s already abuzz with folks making plans to 11/6-7/15 in Anaheim. Today’s episode is a snapshot of what we know so far. Further ticket info is available at this Blizzard web page: http://us.battle.net/blizzcon/en/event-info/tickets/ticket-overview .